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October 26, 2004

Get Up with MorningWood

UPDATE - The results are in, and the winner is None of the above with black ink. Thanks for voting!

HELP ME VOTE: Call 813 239 - WOOD or leave a comment. (The polls have closed!)

Get Up with MorningWood, on 70,000 Watt Community Radio WMNF 88.5 fm, Tampa, and streaming at 4 to 6 am (eastern) every Tuesday!

Studio line: 813-239- WMNF WOOD


Marathon was a big success. THANK YOU for your continuing support of MorningWood and WMNF!

Blogging on the radio

Help Me Vote!

I’ll be filling out my Hillsborough County Absentee Ballot right on the air this morning. I have yet to decide if I should follow the instructions on the ballot itself and use only a number 2 pencil, or pay attention to the insert that mentions nothing about a pencil, but happily suggests that a pen will do just fine.

Also, there are a few races in which I’ve yet to make a choice. Help me vote by calling in (813 239 - WOOD) or leaving a comment on this post (Scroll to the end of the post to leave a comment. When asked for an email address, make one up if you don’t feel like leaving your real one.)

At the end of the show, I’ll tally up the votes and pencil (or pen) in a vote for the candidate that you pick for me, using the method that you prefer. Really.

Of course, there’s a catch: to simplify matters immensely, I’m only including the Hillsborough County Commission race between the Zel Miller Democrat /moral crusader Bob Buckhorn and the equally stomach turning pro-development Repug and former Killer Bee Brian Blair.

Honestly, I can’t bring myself to vote for Bob, but voting for Brian could conceivably be even worse. I wish we had a real choice in this race, but we don’t. So it’s up to you: Bob Buckhorn, Brian Blair, or None of the Above?

As well as the choice for County Commission, please vote for your favored method for filling in the absentee ballot: Number 2 Pencil, Blue Ink, or Black Ink.

The “winner” will be announced just before 6:00, and I will mail my absentee ballot this morning after my show. It should be in Buddy Johnson’s office by tomorrow, and lost behind a file cabinet before lunch.

In other news...

Halloween is almost here. I’ll play some themed songs for the occasion, and I’ll shamelessly use those cuts to segue into a “Wolf” theme that will persist throughout the morning. Oh, and I’ll play some entirely unrelated stuff just ‘cause I feel like it. Or maybe there’s some logic to my choices. Check the playlists (below) and decide for yourself.

Why wolves? Well, they’re scary, except when they look like harmless puppies on an overly dramatic and unintentionally funny campaign ad... (to view the video, click on the image from the “Latest Video” and then pick the “Wolves” video. Sorry - no direct link.)

And in the spirit of fairness and balance, a few words from the wolves:

We are not Terrorists! George W. Bush incorrectly labelled my wolfpack as a terrorist threat. We are NOT terrorists. We do not associate with terrorists (unless you count that pesky wolverine) and FRANKLY, we don't even like terrorists!

We are a peaceful pack of wolves. All we want in life is:

Live in tree-filled forests.

Drink clean water from our rivers and streams.

Breathe fresh and clean air.

We were tricked by George W. Bush

Anyway, wolves will be featured prominently throughout MorningWood today.

New Underwrithing?

Well, as those of you who pledged during marathon already know, we’ve gotta pay the bills ‘round here, and during marathon, MorningWood picked up a new underwriter, but I think there may have been a mistake - perhaps this outfit thinks that WMNF is one of those Christian right non-commercial stations, ‘cause the demographic they seem to be aiming for in this underwrithing announcement might be just a little bit more conservative than most MorningWood listeners. But maybe I’m being hasty. Here: decide for yourself - will this group be satisfied by MorningWood? (Warning - Links in this paragraph NOT work friendly!)


Well, one, anyway. Hymn Against Empire, the MP3 I plan to have played right after the 5:00 NPR headlines, the poem put to the music of “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Actually, the link is to the author’s sight. Go and grab the MP3 or video or whatever you want. (Link via skippy the bush kangaroo)


Each week, I bring my planned songs in on CD. I usually end up playing most or all of them in the planned order. But sometimes things go askew. Sorry - no guarantees or refunds.

Hour 1 planned playlist

Hour 2 planned playlist

Live playlist

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From The Los Angeles Times: “Nationwide, at least two polls in the last week showed that newly registered voters favored Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry by double-digit margins. The Massachusetts senator holds an even greater lead, the polls found, among voters 29 and younger… The conclusion is that the new voters and younger voters favor Kerry by a large margin, but historically they don’t actually bother to vote. If they do this time, it could make a big difference.

Come on people––your vote is essential!

THERE’S STILL TIME TO REQUEST YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT in many states if you are registered to vote!
It’s easy; it’s online.

Absentee Ballot information online:


Please e-mail this information to all of your friends! AND VOTE FOR KERRY!!!!

Your future depends on it!


Posted by: Make A Difference at October 26, 2004 01:13 AM